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form - Form Checkboxes

Which types of waste do you transport regularly?

Select all that apply

  <legend class="form-label-bold">Which types of waste do you transport regularly?</legend>

  <p>Select all that apply</p>

  <label class="block-label disabled" for="checkbox-1">
    <input id="checkbox-1" type="checkbox" value="waste-animal" disabled>
    Waste from animal carcasses

  <label class="block-label" for="checkbox-2">
    <input id="checkbox-2" type="checkbox" value="waste-mines">
    Waste from mines or quarries

  <label class="block-label" for="checkbox-3">
    <input id="checkbox-3" type="checkbox" value="farm-agricultural">
    Farm or agricultural waste


Block and inline checkboxes share the same markup, when it comes to the <label> element.



24th August 2015