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What happens if my child moves address or school?

If your child moves address or school it will change their entitlement to free home to school transport and they will need to be re-assessed.

You must notify us if they move address or schools. Failure to do this may result in you owing money to the council.

What does ‘nearest qualifying school’ mean?

This is the school nearest to your child’s home address, which suits their age and meets their needs. Their needs might include:

  • Ability - Some children may attend a grammar school if they are deemed academically able, by sitting the Medway Test or by reviewing their school work.
  • Faith - We will count a faith school as a child’s nearest qualifying school if they are a regularly practising member of a church with the same faith as the school.
  • Medical needs – Some children will have physical disabilities or special educational needs which require schools with special facilities.
  • A parent’s preference for a single sex or mixed school or for a school which teaches certain subjects cannot be taken into account.