How Medway Council uses your information

Medway Council is committed to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, as well as your rights to confidentiality and privacy.

We will keep personal information we collect about you up-to-date, accurate and secure. We will only collect the minimum information necessary to fulfil a particular purpose and when we no longer need to keep information about you, it will be disposed of in a secure manner.

At the time of collecting your information, we will tell you why the information is required, what it will be used for and with whom it will be shared.

We are required to share your information on occasion with third parties, such as agencies that help reduce crime or investigate fraud by carrying out data matching exercises. We may also need to share data with other service providers who are contracted to carry out services on our behalf. These providers are obliged to keep your personal details secure and use them only to fulfil your service request.

Why does the council collect and retain personal data?

To provide you with efficient and effective services.

Big Data research

We will provide anonymous data (where we have removed any information that could identify an individual) to organisations in order to provide us with academic and business research, which helps us improve the services we provide to you. One example of this is the Business and Local Government Data Research Centre as part of the “Big Data” project. The project is due to last 5 years from 2014 and is supported by the UK Data Service. For more information visit the website